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Mobile ID is just the beginning, Draft Badge is a growing ecosystem built for nightlife and hospitality.

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An Oklahoma startup
Draft Badge was born in the halls of the University of Oklahoma as a class project. Shortly after inception, the opportunity was clear and the real work began. Our goal from the beginning has been to help alcohol merchants increase efficiency, while also limiting liability. After our team was filled with industry experts, development began in July 2020.
Today, Draft Badge is a technology platform that prioritizes liability reduction for alcohol merchants. We do more than any server or bartender ever could on their own to verify the authenticity of an ID. There are plenty of substitutes out there, but Draft Badge is the only mobile ID solution built exclusively for consumer alcohol transactions.
We have big plans for 2021, this is just the beginning. Soon, we'll have implementations with major point of sale providers throughout the country. We're actively working to include payment and ordering functionality, a full-featured rewards program and a whole suite of social features to share with friends.
The road ahead is full of opportunity, but we'll only make it there with your help. Let us know what you think of Draft Badge, we hope you'll join us on our mission to modernize nightlife and hospitality.

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