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Redefining age-restricted transactions.

Mobile payments are taking over the world. There's no shortage of options to complete transactions using mobile devices. However, some products require more than just payment. Draft Badge combines mobile payment with mobile ID to create the first all-encompassing solution for age restricted products.

Bring yourself back to the last time you went to a sporting event, concert or even a bar or restaurant. If you choose to partake in the consumption of alcohol, you likely had to carry a wallet containing your ID and preferred payment method. Making a purchase required a physical exchange of an ID to verify age and stay compliant with local laws. With the advanced technologies of today, this process seems outdated to say the least.

Draft Badge makes carrying a wallet obsolete. We verify age using government databases, facial recognition and artificial intelligence. We provide more accuracy than any server could achieve on their own, and we're much faster. Combined with our mobile payment solution, purchasing age-restricted products is as easy as a single scan of the Draft Badge QR.

As a team with over 40 combined years of operations experience, this innovation seems obvious. In fact, the most common feedback we receive is "Why isn't this already a thing?". We're on a mission to fundamentally change the way people purchase age-restricted products while also reducing liability for the merchants that sell them.

Draft Badge eliminates the need to carry a wallet by combining payment and ID in a single mobile solution. We've partnered with industry leading point-of-sale companies and financial institutions to change the status quo and upgrade an antiquated purchasing process.

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