DraftBadge is more than a mobile ID.

We hate wallets, that's why we created the first truly walletless solution for going to sports events, concerts, bars and restaurants.

How we verify ID's

ID parsing

During sign up, we'll ask for a picture of the front and back of your ID. We use these pictures to verify your age using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. After their verified, pictures of your ID are deleted from our database.

Liveness Detection

You'll also need to provide a selfie video for facial comparison and liveness detection. This is to ensure they user signing up is the same person represented on the ID. The video format allows us to verify that the user is a real person, and not a picture of another person.

Validity notifications

Users will be notified via email as the expiration date of their ID approaches. DraftBadge is only usable while the ID connected to the account is valid. Users can upload new pictures of their ID in the settings section of our mobile app.

User picture

During transactions, we'll display the user's picture to the server for final verification. This prevents people from using DraftBadges that aren't theirs.

Convert traffic into sales

We agonize over the details to make sure that our templates are high-converting and high-performing while being easy to use and to integrate with all your favorite tools.

ID parsing
We use the data from ID barcodes to autofill user information.
Dynamic QR
DraftBadge QR's change every few minutes for added privacy and security.
Liveness detection
Sign up requires users to take a video-selfie as an added layer of security.
We only keep the information necessary to approve transactions, no addresses.
AI + machine learning
We use AI and machine learning to verify ID's and detect fraud.
Our databases are backed up separately to limit risk and protect user information.

With privacy & security in mind

We only keep user data needed to verify age for transactions. This means no addresses and no physical identifiers. Our Dynamic QR codes only present the information needed to verify an age-restricted transaction like name, date of birth and age.

Built for stadiums, arenas, bars and restaurants

DraftBadge provides a complete walletless experience for making age-restricted purchases. DraftBadge is usable without an internet connection and doesn't require an app download. That means users can continue using DraftBadge even if their phone is out of battery by providing their phone number.

Partnering with leading POS providers

We're actively working with industry-leading point of sale (POS) providers to enable DraftBadge at retailers across the globe. Sign up for our updates below to hear the latest news in partnerships and features.
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Ditch the wallet, use DraftBadge

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