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Draft Badge is a contactless mobile ID platform that allows merchants to monitor and control alcohol transactions. The simple, affordable solution works alongside any Point of Sale (POS) or alcohol management system for on‐premise outlets and retailers alike.

Scan Draft Badge today, no sign up required

Our web portal is available for any merchant to verify Draft Badge, even without creating an account. To verify, just scan Draft Badge with a mobile device like you would any other QR code.

More than Mobile ID

We do more to verify IDs than servers or bartenders ever could on their own, leaving human error in the past. Sign up for our mailing list to keep updated on our merchant releases.

Really Fast
Merchants can sign up in less than 5 minutes.
ID verification is instant, saving your servers precious time.
Users can sign up easily while at your venue.
We'll provide collateral
Available offline to users
Use any mobile device
No account required
We use dynamic QR code technology to ensure each scan is valid. Plus we provide a picture of the user for manual verification.
Base-level merchant accounts are free. You'll get access to our mobile ID platform instantly at no cost, which you can upgrade at any time.
Easy to Use
With our open web portal, age verification as easy as any other QR scan. Our app makes it even easier with a giant "scan" button!
Reduces Liability
We take the human error out of checking ID's. We verify users through State DMV databases and facial comparison technology to ensure validity.
Focused on Compliance
State alcohol commissions constantly change rules. We remove some of that headache by taking care of ID verification and introducing tools to limit consumption.
Keep track of servers
Receive notifications when your servers liquor license or food handlers permit are about to expire. Never get caught off guard with fines again.
More to come
All of this is just in the first version. We're excited to bring alcohol merchants more tools and features in the future. Let us know what youd like to see!
Start scanning

Ready to go in 4


Sign up using our merchant portal, we just need a verified email to get started.

Add Venue

We can automatically fill out the information for your venue using Google Maps, or you can input manually.

Add Team Members

Here you can add each team member along with the ID numbers and expiration dates for their applicable licenses.

Download Draft Badge Scanner

Using any Android device, download our scanning application and sign in. This allows you to monitor and control all Draft Badge transactions.

Time to Scan!

You're all set. We'll let you know when we've approved your venue for the map. In the meantime, you can start scanning now!

Why not? It's free

Upgrade for premium tools at any time.
Access to compliant age verification
Scanning through open web portal
Android scanning app
Venue Profile
Venue on the map
Team member tracking
Device limit
Scan limit enforcement
Promotional tools

No Account


Age verification
Web portal scanning
Android scanner
Venue Profile
Venue on the map
Team tracking
Device limit
Scan limit
Promotional tools



Age verification
Web portal scanning
Android scanner
Venue profile
Venue on the map
2 Profiles
1 Device
Scan limit
Promotional tools

Premium* billed annually


Age verification
Web portal scanning
Android scanner
Venue profile
Venue on the map
Unlimited profiles
3+ Devices
Scan limit
Promotional tools
Scan and verify with
any device
Android scanning app
We made a scanning app for servers and bartenders on Android, available with a free account.
POS Integrations
We're working closely with industry leading POS providers to implement Draft Badge within their systems.
User display
Users can access their own verification from within our iOS app, ready to display for servers and bartenders.
Web portal
Like most QR codes, Draft Badge can be scanned using the built in camera on common mobile devices.

We help keep you compliant

Draft Badge removes human error from alcohol transactions. We verify user ID's using proprietary databases and facial comparison technology.

Free to start, easy to upgrade

Create a free account and get access to our android scanning app. You can always upgrade within our merchant portal later, put your venue on our map today!
How we protect merchants
2-factor ID authentication + liability waiver
Facial Comparison
The selfie submitted during sign up is tested against the picture on the ID to verify user identity.
ID Parsing
We check each submission against a proprietary database of state IDs to ensure their authenticity.
Users assume 100% liability
Our terms of use clearly outline the assumption of liability by the user, including instances of fraud and misrepresentation fo age. Merchants can take comfort knowing their business is protected.
How fast can I sign up and use Draft Badge?

Really fast. Probably faster than it took you to read this whole webpage.

Click one of the sign up links to be redirected to our merchant portal where you can begin registration. We just need an email address, information about your venue, and a copy of your state-issued liquor license if you want to be on our map. That's it!

Is this legal?

Draft Badge is an opt-in service with no obligation for merchants to accept.

In most cases, using Draft Badge meets and even exceeds compliance standards for alcohol service. You can learn more about how we verify users under the "about" tab.

Using Draft Badge allows merchants to do less when checking ID's, because we do more than any server or bartender can on their own.

How do I use Draft Badge without signing up?

Our open web portal is available to anyone with a QR-capable device.

Just scan the Draft Badge QR like you would with any other code and you'll be redirected to a webpage with the user's age verification card. This contains the same information necessary to approve a transaction.

Creating an account gives access to our Android scanning app along with management tools and controls, all at zero cost to start.

What do I get out of the Base plan?

You get access to our Android scanning application and the ability to create a venue profile to be displayed on our map.

You'll be able to add up to two team members to your venue, with the added ability to track when their liquor licenses expire in our system.

We'll send you notifications to keep your team compliant.

How do I upgrade to a Premium plan?

Once we release these features, navigate to the "licenses" section of the management portal.

Here you will be able to upgrade your plan with additional venues and expanded your device limits.

I need help with my account.

Navigate to our support page to browse our library of instructional resources.

If your question isn't answered there, or you'd like one of our team members to help out, please fill out the contact form or email us at support@draftbadge.com

Do you offer Enterprise plans?

Absolutely! You can reach out to our team using the contact form in the support tab.

Do you sell devices?

No we don't. We've built a scanning app that can be used on any Android device, generally the cheapest options in the industry.

We are working hard to implement our system into existing technologies. Join our mailing list to keep updated in new releases and integrations.

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