One platform for age-restricted transaction compliance.

We've built a complete toolbox for age-restricted transaction compliance. We don't tell merchants how to run their business, just provide the tools necessary to enforce compliance and limit liability.

Simple, volume-based pricing

We charge monthly depending on transaction volume.
Transaction volume

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Really fast
Merchants can onboard in as little as 10 depending on POS provider.
Age verification with DraftBadge is instant, saving servers precious time.
Users can sign up quickly easily while at the venue.
We provide marketing materials
Available for users without active internet connect
Use any mobile device or phone number
Easy to use
We use dynamic QR codes to ensure each scan is valid. We also provide a picture of the DraftBadge user to servers during transactions for verification.
Easy to use
With our native integrations with POS providers, accepting DraftBadge is automatic and reduces friction during the transaction.
Reduces liability
We take human error out of the equation. DraftBadge users are verified through several channels to ensure ID validity. Our tools also provide managers with controls to limit consumption.
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Monitor team members
See what your team is doing when you're not around. We show transaction data in real time so managers can understand the decisions being made and intervene if necessary.
Focused on compliance
Laws and regulations change all the time. We take care of the headache and provide tools to ensure merchants stay compliant and operate safely.
Unprecedented insights
DraftBadge allows merchants to model consumer consumption and purchasing patterns throughout their venue.
More to come
DraftBadge is growing quickly, we're adding more features every day. Sign up for our mailing list to stay updated on our newest releases.
Is DraftBadge Legal?

This depends on the state. Most states require that servers verify the age of customers while ensuring they are of sound mind and not already inebriated when making a purchase.

DraftBadge verifies user ID's with artificial intelligence and machine learning with a higher degree of accuracy than any server could obtain on their own. Currently, we are running pilots in Colorado and Oklahoma. If you're interested in using DraftBadge at your venue, reach out and let us know what state you operate in under the about tab. We'll begin working with your local regulators for approval.

How quickly can I set up and use DraftBadge?

Depending on the solution you plan to use, DraftBadge can be set up in minutes. We have an independent verification app on Android that can be used alongside any point of sale system for age verification. All you have to do is set up the venue with our web portal by adding venue information and team member data.

If you're using a point of sale integration, it may take a bit longer. A member of our team will work with you throughout the setup process to ensure everything is running smoothly.

What if someone underage uses a DraftBadge at my venue?

We do our best to verify the authenticity of every ID submitted to us. We also provide the picture of the user during the transaction to the server to ensure people can't use their friend's DraftBadge.

In most cases, state laws are written in a manner that protect merchants and servers in the case of fraudulent ID's that can reasonably pass as real. We do more than any bartender or server can on their own to verify ID's.

It's also against our terms of service for people to use fraudulent ID's when signing up for DraftBadge. If this is the case, the user takes on all liability for fines and legal ramifications.

Do I have to sign up to use DraftBadge?

No! DraftBadge QR codes can be scanned by any QR capable device.

This will take the scanner to a web verification page that provides the user picture, first name, age and date of birth.

The web solution does not allow for merchants to track scans or keep any data. We recommend using our Android solution or a point of sale integration to get the full value of DraftBadge.

How does pricing work?

Our pricing is volume based. The cost is dependent on the monthly volume of requests with DraftBadge.

Some of our point of sale partners take on this extra cost, check with your provider to learn more.

Is DraftBadge integrated within my point of sale system?

We're currently partnered with Oracle to implement DraftBadge within their Simphony POS system.

We're actively working on new partnerships with other providers as well. If you use a provider that we don't have an integration for, let us know and we can begin the process!

How much does DraftBadge cost consumers?

DraftBadge is free for consumers. All costs are pushed to merchants to promote user adoption.

In the future, we'll have premium user memberships. But there will always be a free option for consumers to use DraftBadge.

Does DraftBadge require an internet connection?

For merchants, DraftBadge does require an active internet connection. Our point of sale integration will use the existing connection, our Android app must be connected to function.

Consumers do not need an active connection to use DraftBadge. Sign up will require an internet connection, but after users have received their DraftBadge they can use it to verify without needing to be connected.

What tools are available with DraftBadge?

Currently, DraftBadge offers age verification for restricted transactions. We also have tools to track and manage team member licensing to ensure everyone is valid.

We're also currently working on consumption tracking tools and real-time data monitoring. Payment support is scheduled for early 2022. sign up for our mailing list below to stay updated on new features.

How do I report bugs or get technical support?

There is a support portal within our merchant dashboard. There, you can send a message directly to us and receive support.

You can also email us at