Currently supporting Oklahoma and Colorado.
Check state compliance standards below.
Users from other states are welcome sign up for Draft Badge. However, merchant support is only available in the states listed above for now.
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Accessible by scanning any Draft Badge QR, no account required.
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Where can I download Draft Badge Mobile ID?

For now, only on the Apple App Store. We are working hard to release on Android in the future.

What if I use a fake ID?

Our system is designed to reject fake IDs and will even reject low-quality pictures of real IDs.

It's important to remember that misrepresentation of age is illegal. Using Draft Badge to intentionally mislead servers or bartenders is against our terms of service, which all users agree to when creating an account.

I didn't get approved, but my ID is real.

We're sorry about that, it could be for a number of reasons. Please work with us as we improve our technology.

We'll let you know why you didn't get approved by email. From there, follow the instructions to re-submit or reach out to our support team for additional help.

Where can I use Draft Badge?

Anywhere that will take it! Draft Badge is an opt-in service for merchants, they have to agree to accept it.

We're working on building out our merchant referral program to reward users that introduce merchants to our platform. Until then, ask your servers about Draft Badge, they can verify it instantly without an account!

What if the server won't scan my Draft Badge?

You can tap your Draft Badge within the app to bring up the same verification page the server would see to show them from your phone.

Keep in mind it may be the first time they've heard of Draft Badge, they are under no obligation to accept it. Just be polite, tell them about Draft Badge and have your physical ID handy just in case.

Why do I have to pay for Draft Badge?

There are a number of costs associated with developing and operating a platform like Draft Badge. We have so many plans to improve our platform and add features in the future, it only gets better from here!

We appreciate your commitment in being an early supporter of Draft Badge. As we grow, we promise to remember your early adoption.

Can I use Draft Badge for online purchases?

Not yet, but we're working on it!

What do you do with my data?

We are extremely mindful of data privacy and security. To ensure the safety of our platform, we don't even keep the pictures uploaded to verify your ID.

We'll never give your data away to another company without your express permission. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.

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